WP6 - New strategies for noise and health research in Europe

Work package leader: Stephen Stansfeld, Queen Mary University of London

  • ASL Rome (Italy)
  • Comenius University Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Dortmund University (Germany)
  • Federal Environment Agency (Germany)
  • German Aerospace Centre (Germany)
  • Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen (Germany)
  • Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (France)
  • Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
  • Medical University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Netherlands)
  • Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands)
  • Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (Poland)
  • Stockholm University (Sweden)
  • Technical University Berlin (Germany)
  • University of Belgrade (Serbia)
  • University of Cardiff (United Kingdom)
  • University of Gävle (Sweden)
  • University of Ghent (Belgium)

  • To synthesise the data on needs for new research, new noise exposure techniques and the measurement of moderating factors and health outcomes
  • To hold a workshop to exchange information from work packages 2-5, to develop new research strategies for noise and health
  • To model specific mechanisms linking environmental noise and health outcomes
  • To formulate new hypotheses linking noise exposure and health outcomes to be tested in future research
  • To discuss and refine research designs to answer key research questions
  • To brainstorm new ways of developing research designs and collaborations for future studies

Work package 6 will have a specific disease focus including:

  • hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • mental health
  • cognition and learning
  • sleep
  • annoyance
  • psychophysiological stress indicators including measurement of long-term hormonal responses and immune functions


Workshop to derive new noise research strategies (month 18)


Workshop report including new strategies and research designs for studies of noise and health (month 22)
Leaflet for policy makers and stakeholders summarising the work package outcomes (month 22)

May 24, 2018, 03:28