WP5 - Health outcomes

Work package leader: Francesco Forastiere, ASL Rome (Italy)

  • ARPA Piemonte (Italy)
  • Comenius University Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Dortmund University (Germany)
  • European Commission, Directorate General Joint Research Centre (Italy)
  • Federal Environment Agency (Germany)
  • German Aerospace Centre (Germany)
  • Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)
  • Medical University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Netherlands)
  • Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (Poland)
  • Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)
  • Republic Institute for Health Protection (Macedonia)
  • Swiss Tropical Institute (Switzerland)
  • University of Gävle (Sweden)


1. To hold a workshop building on the literature review from work package 2, to exchange information on recent developments in noise and health research, relating to health outcome measurement including:

  • hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • mental health
  • cognition and learning
  • sleep
  • annoyance
  • psychophysiological stress indicators including measurement of long-term hormonal responses and immune functions
  • reproductive health
  • hearing loss

2. To improve the standardized measurement of health outcomes for noise research and strengthen the available methodologies for future research

3. To identify methods to detect individual vulnerability factors

4. To provide criteria for health impact assessment

5. To work towards meta-analysis of data for specific health outcomes where data are available, based on work carried out in work packages 3 and 4


Workshop on health outcomes (month 15)
Workshop on health impact assessment (month 16)


Workshop report on health outcomes including health impact assessment and suggestions for standardization of health outcome measurement (month 20)

May 24, 2018, 03:29